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Bonnie Dundlod and Sarpartap are the best of friends and have been at the centre of Equestrian scene in India for over 35 years. During this time they have in their individual capacities and as a team judged endurance events,set up mutliple tent pegging teams across the world and participated in international events coordinated by IHSI Founder and Overseas Convener, Francesca Kelly such as the World Equestrian Games,Kentucky,USA, and the Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations,Windsor CastleThey have represented the IHSI at Equitana USA & Germany, In addition to equestrian events in Kazakhsthan & Turkey.

Colonel Sarpartap Singh has been riding, since the age of four,when his grandfather presented him with his first pony and he has never looked back.After a distinguished career in the Indian army,he came back to his first love and is currently a leading authority in the international tent-pegging circuit.He is actively involved in all equestrian disciplines,and serves on the boards of the numerous organizations such as:

International tentpegging federation,
(Chairman, Training & development),
Lakhi Sindhi Horse Society (President),
Indigenious Horse society (Vice President),
Punjab equestrian Association (Vice President),
Equestrain federation of India (Former Sec.Gen),
FEI level I coach
Indian Tent Pegging and Archery Association (Sec.Gen)

Kanwar Raghuvendra Singh Dundlod (Bonnie),is one of the pioneers to introduce the concept of horse safaris to India.He comes from the nobel family of Dundlod, who are descendents of Rao Shekha, after whom the region of Shekhawati is named. Bonnie is India’s first Gold Medalist in 100 Kms endurance.He has spearheaded the effort to bring international recognization to the Marwari horse and has been vital in the revival of this almost extinct breed.He is currently serving on the board of numerous organizations such as:

Rajasthan Equestrian Association (Sec.Gen),
Indigenious horse society of India (Sec.Gen),
Equestrain Federation of India
(former member, Exceutive committee)
Cycle Polo Federation of India (President)
Indian Tent Pegging and Archery Association
(Vice President)


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