The Noble Marwari

The Marwari horse is indegenious to India and is descended from the splendid war horses of Yore. The Marwari status is unparallel as it is considered ‘divine’ and superior to all men,including those of royal blood. Accordingly, only those of noble blood were permitted to mount these noble animals. With the British ascendency in India,the Marwari was displaced from its exalted position and became nearly extinct.

The Marwari is recognized by its proud carriage,upright graceful neck and aquiline head with deep expressive eyes.The exquisite “upturned ears” are unique without exception to this nobel breed. You can ride a Marwari only in India.


Our Stable

We are the largest Marwari horse breeding stud farm in the world.We have been extensively involved in the revival of the Marwari and run a programme for improving the marwari breed under the name of MARWARI BLOODLINES.

Our much loved horses take centre stage in our lives. They enjoy the adventure of the safari as much as our riders.That is the secret to our success.

The tack we use is made from fine Kanpur leather.We use ‘SAWAR’ saddles designed exclusively for the cavalry, which are particularly comfortable on long rides.